Trufill Hair Spray 5%


  • Regulates and slows down the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, which is a prime cause of hair fall in men and women.
  • Renews Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) protein, which is responsible for forming tissues for hair follicles to prevent hair damage.
  • Stimulates healthy dermal papilla to enhance hair volume.
  • Combats scalp infections that may cause irritation or inflammation, leading to hair falls.
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TRUFILL hair spray contains Capixyl which is an innovative and powerful ingredient providing fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking hair.  It acts by reducing the substances that damage the hair (free radicals and dihydrotestosterone) and promotes the growth of proteins required for hair growth. It has a direct effect on the hair, such as strengthening hair follicles, anchoring them firmly, and improving the health and vitality of hair. This is the network of collagen, proteins, and other substances that surround the hair follicle cells. They serve as substrates for follicle growth. Improper renewal of the ECM might lead to hair loss problems.

Trufill Hair Spray has been a breakthrough solution for hair loss for men and women in recent years. The solution is a biomimetic peptide formulated.

Key Ingredients:

Sodium Hyaluronate, D-Panthenol, Capixyl, Anagain, Red Onion Extract, Alcohol, Glycerin


  • Use Trufill spray two times daily or as directed and recommended by the Physician.


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