Shade Plus Foundation


  • Non-Greasy Foundation, Perfect for Oily / Combination skin
  • Protect against skin darkening
  • Pigmentation, Premature skin aging, Wrinkles
  • With SPF 60 & regular application, it protects against sunburn.
  • Help prevent skin darkening & helps reduce brown spots/ pigmentation
  • With PA+++ (PPD13), it offers high protection against premature skin wrinkles & hyperpigmentation.


Shade plus foundation gathers various ultraviolet protection ingredients. SPF 60 segregates UVA/ UVB and prevents sunshine damage to the skin.

Whitening effect and preventing the appearance of dark or black dots caused by insulation

Locking Moisture forms a moisture-locking protective film on the skin surface to prevent moisture loss while effectively soothing dry or tight etc.



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