Pharmaceutical Selling

To become an effective revenue representative you need to have a strong comprehension of promoting principles. These principles give you the groundwork to comprehend why clients act the way they do and offer a guideline as to how to use your promoting expertise to conquer boundaries and improve revenue. 

Successful Promoting Actions

If we consider the steps most effective revenue officials go through to improve their efficiency on revenue calls, we will see there are three common places for consideration.

  • Planning 
  • The Sales Call (pre-call, Sales call, post-call)
  • Follow-Up

Business Planning

is a critical step in ensuring your selling skills are most effective. Sales representatives in the healthcare industry manage their territories as if they were running their own business. To be successful in your sales territory you need to fully understand it before you attempt to call on customers. This includes knowing which customers drive your business, what their “buying” style is so you can match your selling style to it, managing an investment budget, managing your daily and weekly schedule, and working with your team to implement the territory business plans. You can view the business planning process as creating a blueprint for success. Most healthcare companies will give you a territory, a list of target customers, the sales tools needed to influence your target customers and a budget. It is up to you and your territory team to come up with a plan that will most effectively make use of these resources to increase sales.

Following the business planning process, there are three main steps to consider to improve your sales call effectiveness.

  1. Pre-Call Planning (before you meet the customer)
  2. The Sales Call (face to face with the customer)
  3. Post-Call Analysis and Follow-up (after your sales call) 

Pre-Call Planning

Pre-Call Planning done prior to meeting your customer involves several steps such as reviewing past customer call notes, setting call objectives, and preparing sales tools to be most effective in the short time with your customer.

Sales Call

During the actual sales call itself, there are several steps to be aware of:  

  • Opening
  • Presenting Features and Benefits
  • Probing
  • Objection Handling etc.  

Making an effective sales call involves excellent skills within each of these areas.

Post-Call Analysis

After leaving each and every sales call, post-call analysis needs to be completed, and any follow-up required accurately recorded and completed. These notes which you make post-call are what you will be reviewing prior to your next appointment with your customers. Without having these notes, your effectiveness on the next call will not be as high.

One major goal of a healthcare sales representative is to be seen as a valued consultant by customers. Once you are viewed by your target customers as an excellent and credible resource (and not just another sales representative) you will have increased access and time with them – and increased face-to-face selling time is a key ingredient for success in healthcare sales. Ensuring timely follow-up to customer requests in a professional manner will go a long way in ensuring you become that value added consultant in their practices.

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